#208: Insanity

27 Jul

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, haven’t you gone insane multiple times in your life?  Or maybe: Aren’t you permanently insane?

Both valid questions.  But in this case, insanity refers to a workout series.

I tried a cardio workout with my friend.  It was pretty intense, and at the end I was covered in sweat, but the guy gives built-in water breaks, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

What was different about the workout was that the people on the video couldn’t even do it.  You know how the people in the background are always so enthusiastic and ready for more?

“You ready for more?” the leader asks.

“Yes!” the background people shout enthusiastically.

Not for the insanity workout.  These people couldn’t even keep up with it.  Half the time, they were slower than the leader, and you could even see some of them who just quit at some point.

“How you doing?” the leader asks.

No answer.  Yes, complete silence.

Which is refreshing.  They may have actually used regular people in these videos, not over-worked exercise fanatics.  Or, the workout is just so difficult that even those exercise fanatics can’t hack it.

Either way, I didn’t mind quite so much that sometimes I had to just stop and stand there with sweat dripping out of every pore.  I think it’s called the “insanity workout” because you’re insane if you can do every move.

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