#214: Live in Brooklyn

02 Aug

So, I’ve accomplished the first step in becoming a successful writer.  What’s that?  Did I have something published in a reputable publication?  Haha.  No.  I’m living in Brooklyn.  Where else can I be a true individual and suffer the plight of a misunderstood 20-something who, through no fault of her own, has plenty of time to wander the streets and not make money from her writing?

Anywhere, you say?  You’re right.  But I swear within a day of moving in my stuff, I’ve already regressed at least 5 years, so while I don’t quite have a time machine, I have a pretty good substitute.

Want to learn the secret about Brooklyn that you’ve probably already guessed but just in case you haven’t you absolutely need to know?  This is coming from an inhabitant of the stereotypical hipster area of the borough, so you know it’s well-informed: Everyone looks the same.  It’s like how some people will say people of ethnicities other than their own all look the same, only in this case, it’s true.

All of the men have glasses and slim, short pants.  All of the women have glasses and some sort of outfit that should be slightly outside the norm but because everyone else is wearing something slightly outside the norm it ends up looking exactly like everyone else’s, even though technically it may be a slightly different belly-exposing shirt.

I’m a little bitter when it comes to conformity for conformity’s sake, but I’m just as bitter when it comes to nonconformity for nonconformity’s sake, and these people have it down pat.  Only, they’ve been around for so long that it’s no longer considered nonconformity by anyone.

I’d like to be able to tell you that although hipsters look similar at first glance, when you look closer you’ll discover that they all have distinctly different hopes and dreams.  But so far, I can’t say anything of the sort.  All I can say about this neighborhood at this point is that I have a rooftop with gorgeous views of the city.  I’m not even sad**** that I didn’t get home in time to take a picture of the beautiful sunset from the roof, because no matter how breathtaking it would have been, it wouldn’t have been able to live up to the reality.  There are some things you have to see for yourself, and this is one of them.

So if you’re ever in the neighborhood around sunset, come on over.  You’ll have to pass through a sea of generic hipsters, but don’t worry.  They’re harmless.  I think.

****I actually am sad because taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises is one of my favorite things to do ever, second only to looking at the sunsets and sunrises in real life.

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