#215: Ofrenda

03 Aug

This place is not cheap if you have been spending money as if on vacation lately.  But it has a happy hour special that makes the appetizers normal appetizer priced and the drinks on the cheaper side for what they are. The restaurant was good, but nothing to rave about.  What I do need to rave about (or question) is the behavior of the guy next to us.

So I was telling my friend about my recent friend-dumped status, and due to a combination of me still feeling awful about it and her being one of the people who thinks exes shouldn’t be friends, I started crying.  This in itself is nothing new.  In fact, if you were an alien who just arrived to earth and decided to follow me around to see how humans behave, you would probably end up with the idea that people constantly cry in public.

The crying prompted a whole lot of discussion about why people don’t feel the need to keep me in their lives, and why my friend thought it made perfect sense for my ex to cut me out of his.  And, knowing me, it was probably a fairly loud discussion, because it’s kind of impossible to make your words come out both softly and clearly while crying.

During all of this, there was a guy sitting next to my friend.  After things had calmed down, he introduced himself and proceeded to talk to my friend (and sort of me) for an hour.  I couldn’t tell whether he was trying to hit on her (she has a boyfriend so it wouldn’t have mattered) or just being excessively friendly, but either way, what was remarkable was the fact that he had just witnessed this horrific display of emotion and still decided it would be a good idea to talk to us.

While I’ll never see that guy again, he reminded me of what I want: someone who will sit next to me while I fall apart and still treat me like I’m normal.  I’m pretty sure that’s what most women want (and those who claim they never fall apart are probably lying).  Do I enjoy crying in public?  Of course not.  Do I wish I could be as stoically passive as most males are capable of being?  Actually, no.  I have feelings, and if they happen to be released at a restaurant at 6pm on a Thursday, well, that’s just the way it is. Do I wish they could be released at a more convenient time, like when I’m by myself at home?  Sure, but you can’t get everything you wish for.

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