#217: Go on a brewery tour

05 Aug

The tour itself was short.  We’re talking 5 minutes short.  And it involved standing in a room while the–fortunately entertaining–man told a story about how the brewery was formed.  So maybe if you’ve been on lots of brewery tours in your lifetime, you might consider this one disappointing.

But it wasn’t!  It was really interesting.  While surprisingly short, the Brooklyn Brewery tour gave participants a sense of what things used to be like in Williamsburg before it was popular to live there.  I don’t know whether the plaid-clad gang of Brooklynites surrounding me appreciated the tale of hard work it took to open up the brewery, but I did.  To see something that started out on such rough footing become a household (maybe not every household everywhere, but at least every apartment in the city and surrounding areas–though I’m told it’s also a worldwide brand) name is pretty cool.  To hear of how something from nothing was born is inspiring.

I don’t have plans to open a brewery, but I do have plans that so far haven’t left my brain.  Considering I’ve been planning to go on this tour for 6 years, my bigger, loftier plans may never actually materialize, but it’s nice to hear a success story about someone whose plans became a reality.  Just to remind myself that it does happen on occasion.

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