#227: Take a yoga class

15 Aug

I’m going to go ahead and assume that regular yoga classes–ones you pay for that don’t take place for free in a park–don’t require the participants to be almost on top of each other.  There’s no way they could be as popular as they are otherwise.  So I’m not going to discuss how the girl next to me kept hitting me with her arm and then acting like it was my fault, even as I was scrunching up so as not to hit anyone with my obscenely long limbs.

What I will discuss and what I wish someone would be able to explain to me the reasoning behind, is the fact that there were tourists taking pictures of this yoga class.

I’m always perplexed when I see tourists standing in front of what appears to be nothing and taking pictures. Often, I’ll walk behind them and try to get into the same position as they are in order to see the same thing so I can tell what’s so picture-worthy.  I’m almost never successful.  Most of the time, these people truly are taking pictures of nothing–or at least nothing special.  Just a random building.  Or a random building.  Or another random building.

But a hundred people spread out on yoga mats with their butts in the air?  This is deserving of documentation in a photo?  This is the stuff of thrilling vacation stories to relate later?  This is something you’d never see in the small town you’re from?

Oh.  Okay.  Well, fine, but it’s still creepy for strangers to be staring at people trying to touch their toes. Especially that one middle-aged man without a camera who I’m pretty sure wasn’t a tourist.

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