#232: Reverse Open Lab

20 Aug

According to the website for the Reverse workspace/art gallery, it places “an emphasis on new and experimental forms of expression.”  I am all for new and experimental things.

Do you want to know what I am not for?  I am not for “art” that masquerades as something too creative/high level/involved for the general public to understand but is really something that my nephew could make.  Actually, I take that back–my nephew would never spend his time painting a skull black and placing it on the floor; he has more important things to do.

The problem with modern art (or are we in post-modern art now?  I’m clearly not sophisticated enough to know) is that there’s this expectation that it has to be crazy or make no sense or be something a 2 year old could make.  I understand that this is because these artists are exhibiting their individuality.  But, just like the inhabitants of the borough in which the Reverse art space resides, the art ends up looking like everything else I’ve seen.  “Oh, another piece of paper that’s been cut up and left in a heap on the floor.”

If you happen to love this type of art and think it’s just that I obviously do not have the advanced art appreciation skills required to comprehend such creative/high level/involved masterpieces, I respect your opinion.  But if you’re nodding your head and thinking, Yeah, just because I don’t like looking at purposely grotesque or–even worse–boring objects for the confusion factor, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate art, then I respect your opinion as well.  And I also wouldn’t mind going to an art gallery with you.

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