#239: Watch I Found the Gown

27 Aug

This show on TLC is the budget-friendly Say Yes to the Dress.  Women who like a good deal go to this discount store to search for their dream dresses, and then they get really excited when they’re able to get designer gowns for a fraction of the price.

I support living vicariously through other women who are getting married.  For those of us who might never get the chance to go dress shopping for our own weddings (because we may not get married–was that clear?), it’s entertaining to see strangers find their perfect gowns and marry their perfect husbands in perfect ceremonies. It’s like escaping into a fantasy land where every little girl grows up to meet her match and wear the white dress.

But the most compelling reason to watch Say Yes to the Dress, in my opinion, is because you get to see these ridiculously expensive dresses no regular person would even consider buying.  On the original show, the lowest-priced gowns cost $2,000, and that’s before alterations and add-ons.  Some dresses at Kleinfeld cost as much as $20,000.  It’s fascinating to see the sort of people who can afford–although of course the money is hardly ever coming out of the bride’s own pocket–that kind of extravagance.  It’s fun to think about all of the things you’d spend your money on instead if you had that kind of cash lying around.

In the Atlanta version, $2K is the norm, so it’s not nearly as interesting to watch the women try those dresses on (though it’s still more than I’d be willing to pay).

On I Found the Gown, all of the dresses are relatively affordable.  What’s the fun in watching regular, non-rich women look for dresses?  If I wanted to see women constantly looking for a bargain, I’d look in the mirror.  I wouldn’t be wearing a wedding dress, but at these prices, I could if I wanted to.

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