#241: See the Postal Police

29 Aug

Did you know the post office has police?  Did you think that could even be possible?  I sure didn’t.  But there it was, sneaking in after an ambulance had diverted traffic, a car with the words Postal Police on the back.

I can see why maybe the post office might need a small police force: for the one time the letter wasn’t just lost in the mail but in fact stolen; for the riot that breaks out when the line of 4 people hasn’t moved in a half hour.  I get it.  But don’t you think advertising the fact that you’re the Postal Police may not be the best idea?

You know, there’s that whole saying, “going postal”?  Do you really want a profession associated with going crazy and freaking out on people to be linked to the police?  Do you really want the public finding out postal workers have even more power than simply to ruin someone’s day by making them wait 45 minutes to buy one stamp?  Do you really want these people having access to guns?

I guess I don’t know for sure whether the Postal Police carry guns.  And I guess it doesn’t matter, these days, whether they’re supposed to or not, since it is apparently pretty easy to get one even if you’re about to go postal.  But still.  I just don’t think it’s the right avenue for this police force.  Might I suggest the Undercover Postal Police?  They can dress up like regular civilians, go to the post office on a Saturday morning, and see how long they wait in line to mail a package before they come running out, begging to get into their Postal Police car and drive it straight into the building, just to motivate the workers to move faster.

I’m not saying this would be a good use of the Postal Police or US Post Office’s budget.  I’m just saying, try it out and report back.

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