#242: See a MetroCard collage

30 Aug

If you’re in/near the East Village (or Laguna Beach starting in November), you should check this out because it’s pretty cool: MetroCard Collages.  It’s the kind of thing where you think, I could totally make that, but then you end up feeling okay about it because you know you never would have come up with it.

Like most art, these collages sell for a ridiculous amount of money, but at least they look like they took a considerable amount of time to make, and some effort.  I would be proud to own one.  Speaking of, if anyone wants to buy me Five Boroughs (or even better, find the person who has Brooklyn Bridge and buy it from them), I’ll dedicate this entire blog to you and spend each day for the rest of the year posting either:

  1. A wonderful thing about you, and how, if you’re single and looking for a partner, you’re a fantastic catch.
  2. A picture of myself doing something embarrassing.
  3. A short story with you as the hero.
  4. A short story with your childhood nemesis as the defeated villain.
  5. A recipe (not my own) for delicious treats.
  6. An adorable photo of baby animals.
  7. A hand-drawn picture of robots taking over the world.
  8. Anything you want.
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Posted by on August 30, 2012 in Art, NYC


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