#247: Eat a fungus fake chicken nugget

04 Sep

I tried not to listen as the ingredients of these things were read and the process described.  I think that’s a pretty good action to default to when fake meat is involved.  And, barring my general distaste for non-meat things masquerading as meat, the nugget wasn’t bad.

Everyone else thought it tasted exactly like chicken nuggets, and I know why: the texture was right–proving even people who don’t place texture higher than taste when judging food do at least take it into account. Because I have such discerning taste buds and also love meat and also notice texture above all, I can tell you the truth: the texture was right, but it didn’t taste exactly like a chicken nugget.  It was fungus.  It’s not going to taste like an animal.  And if you ever do try something pretending to be meat that tastes just like meat, you should probably be suspicious.

Like if, for example, this 3D printed meat gets made and it tastes “just like meat,” I will be very worried.  Not even simply because my brain can’t wrap itself around the idea of printing something edible, but also because it will mean we have entered the age of man-made meat, and, I don’t know, that term just seems ominous.

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