#255: Bake fries in a cupcake pan

12 Sep

It was while I was taking the fries out of the oven that I realized something: I’m resourceful.

Resourcefulness isn’t a very well-publicized coveted quality to have.  Most people would probably wish to be beautiful or smart or artistically talented before even thinking about asking for resourcefulness.  But it’s one that, once possessed, can really help you go far in life.

Think about your favorite movie (it will work better if this is a romantic comedy or action movie, but you can try it out with a horror movie or drama if you want).  At some point in this movie–probably near the end, if you need a hint on where to start looking–the main character will get a sudden jolt of resourcefulness that allows her/him to get the guy/girl or save the day (or possibly stay alive or continue being slow-moving, as the genre dictates).

If you don’t want to complete this exercise on your own, let’s try it all together with my favorite movie.  I would say don’t judge me for my favorite movie, but it’s so good I don’t even care if you do: While You Were Sleeping. To make a mid-90s romantic comedic plot even shorter, Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have both gotten in their own way and are seemingly not going to get together, even though from the film’s movie poster and every romantic comedy you’ve ever seen you know they are going to get together.

Do they end up together because Sandra is beautiful?  No.  Do they end up together because Bill is smart? Nope.  Do they end up together because they are both good at the piano?  Not even close.

They end up together because Bill is resourceful enough to visit Sandra’s place of work and…you know what, I don’t even want to put this behind a spoiler alert and risk ruining the ending of such a delightful movie.  Just go watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Resourcefulness.  It’s what makes movies worth talking about.  And it’s what makes sweet potato fries crispy when the girl you’re subletting from inexplicably doesn’t own a baking sheet.

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