#259: Photograph an animal cracker

16 Sep

I wanted to post this on facebook but I was afraid all of the people who saw it in their news feeds would be dangerously jealous.  After all, they only ever post pictures of elaborate meals they’ve made, and lists of foods they are about to cook and praises from the people who eat their feasts.  They have to rely on photos of intricate dishes they’ve slaved away on all day solely for the sake of bragging to their online friends about how they are capable of following a recipe.

I feel bad for them, really.  So to refrain from rubbing their faces in what I have discovered by pure chance, I’m just going to post it here.  As you can see, what we have here is an animal cracker cat who is, by the sheer magic of a factory error, turning to look behind himself.  If you’ve seen a more magnificent representation of nonconformity in food, please, share it, but know that I think it is impossible.

I once took a picture of a burned Cheerio.  I was going to use it for this extended metaphor about how some people don’t fit exactly into the same mold and no one wants them because they taste scorched, and the people who have the misfortune to get them in their batch write letters of complaint and get coupons for new boxes of cereal to make up for the error.  It wasn’t very uplifting.

But this is so much better.  Who can look at this picture of an animal cracker cat looking behind himself and not feel good?

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Posted by on September 16, 2012 in Animals, Food/Drink


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