#262: Have a correctly spelled name

19 Sep

The only reason I even believe this happened is because I’m staring at the truth.

No one spells my name correctly the first time.  It doesn’t matter if they’re filling in a form and looking at my ID. It makes no difference if they’re decorating a cake and wrote down the letters over the phone.  It seems to make it worse when they are responding to a work email where the spelling is in the system.  For years, the world has made it its mission to “correct” my name.  Because mistakenly spelling my own name wrong is something anyone who has ever met me apparently thinks I am not only capable of doing but very likely to do.

So imagine my shock when the Thai restaurant got it right.  They couldn’t say the price of my meal over the phone.  They weren’t willing to tell me how long the order would take.  They didn’t even bother saying good-bye at the end of the call.

But they spelled my name correctly.  Maybe the world really is about to end.  At least if it does, I can go out knowing one stranger believes my name really is spelled the way it’s spelled.  That’s enough.

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