#263: Watch The Hunger Games

20 Sep

It only took me 5 months after reading the book; in my world, that is impressive.

The movie itself?  Not so much.  If I hadn’t read the book, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t really know what was going on.  Well, I mean if I hadn’t read the book or any of the accompanying movie reviews.  I also would have found it pretty boring, I’m pretty sure.

There was zero physical chemistry between any of the characters who were supposed to at least have some of it.  The acting wasn’t too impressive.  It wasn’t even visually interesting–I imagined better costumes in my mind while reading about them.

The one thing it had going for it?  It didn’t seem as long as it was.  At 2 hours, it’s well past my threshold of patience, but at least it wasn’t a 3-hour saga like many of the books-turned-movies seem to be.  Of course, that is probably because a LOT was cut out from the book.

I’ll probably watch the other movies (6 months after their release dates) just to see if the chemistry is ever found, but experience tells me that if it’s not there from the beginning, it isn’t going to just suddenly appear.

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