#267: Brooklyn Book Festival

24 Sep

See, this is something I never would have stumbled upon if I had an iPhone–or any sense of direction.  Because my friend was late to meet me somewhere in Brooklyn and I didn’t know where I was going since I didn’t have internet access, I just started walking, and found the festival.

I’d heard about it in previous years but never made it there.  I think there were special guest authors as speakers, but I only saw empty chairs reserved for authors in front of the publishers’ booths.  Other than that, it was pretty much like any other book conference I’d ever been to (and since I used to work in publishing, that is a fairly substantial group).  Except it was outside.

Being the conference veteran that I am, I instantly started to look out for giveaways.  What’s a book conference without free gifts?  Unfortunately, be it the time of day or economic climate, there was little to be had.

However, don’t think I left empty-handed.  These eyes will always spot the one free item being handed out.  Or, in this case, being left on a table because they’re so un-valuable–bookmarks with fancy book words on them, courtesy of BookExpo America.  These couldn’t have found a better audience (do not read this in a sarcastic manner, please).  I present to you my new word knowledge:

sextodecimo: A small book, approximately four inches wide and six inches tall.  To make it, each sheet of paper is folded four times, forming sixteen leaves (32 pages).

bibliognost: A person who possesses an encyclopedie [sic] knowledge of books and bibliography–Having a deep knowledge of books.

Kind of fitting for a conference about the written word to have a typo on their ads, don’t you think?  I’d post a picture of the bookmark to prove it, but my camera battery is dead.  Which wouldn’t be a problem if I had an iPhone.  But then, I wouldn’t have anything to take a picture of if I did, so…I guess I should keep holding out on joining the present day?  Yes, that is the lesson I took from this situation.

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