#269: Have an invisible foot

26 Sep

I’ve had an invisible body multiple times before, but this time it was just my foot.  People appeared to see me sitting on the seat in front of them on the subway.  They weren’t trying to sit on top of me.  They weren’t, for the most part, trying to shove me over (no more than usual, anyway).  I just had an invisible foot.

First, someone rolled over it with his suitcase and didn’t even notice the bump.  Then, someone stepped right on my foot and didn’t even flinch.  Now, I can understand why they wouldn’t stop to apologize for the fact that they just stomped right on another human being; people rarely do.  But the fact that running someone over doesn’t even affect a suitcase’s path?  Well, there’s no other explanation than that my foot actually wasn’t visible to the naked eye.

What should I do with my invisible foot?  It’s not a very useful thing to have when it seems to also not have any weight or depth.  I can’t trip people as a trick.  I can’t stop the subway door from closing.  All I can do is sit there and be stepped on.

I’d rather have the superpower of teleportation, for the record.

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