#270: Own green pants

27 Sep

I’m going to be honest here (because I always am, and to be honest, I shouldn’t ever use the phrase “to be honest” because it’s completely unnecessary when it comes from me—I’m honest to a fault) and admit I may have had green pants when I was a baby or too young to pick out my own clothes.  But I didn’t technically own them, so technically, this little disclaimer is also completely unnecessary.

Why do I own them now?  Because, for the first time in half a decade, I have found a certain style and brand of work pants that sort of fit me.  So naturally, I had to buy them in almost every color I could find (which was about 4).

I was worried the whole day that people would think I was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 6 months early.  I thought people were staring at me for my odd choice in pants color.  And—this might sound weird—I felt like a leprechaun.

I like my green pants, I don’t think they’re really that crazy looking, and I will continue to wear them.  But I’ll also probably continue to feel like a leprechaun.  Or I guess, in my case, it should really be the Jolly Green Giant.

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