#273: Move back to New York

30 Sep

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, didn’t you already move back to New York?  I know this because I have been very closely following your blog (I’m one of your 3 readers–hi!) and seem to recall you moving back about 2.5 months ago…what gives?

Well, dedicated reader (hi!), you’re right, but consider that a soft launch, a beta version, if you will.  Now all my stuff is here as well, I have a regular year lease, and there are boxes in my apartment that may not fully be unpacked for months.  I’m established.

There are many different things that come to people’s minds when thinking of New York, but when I hear “back to New York,” one specific thing pops into mine.  So, to celebrate my return, I will share it with you.

Please click on the link.  You will thank me.  It will be the best thing you’ve seen in possibly weeks, probably days, and definitely hours.

I give you: Back to New York.

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Posted by on September 30, 2012 in NYC



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