#274: Wake up in Queens

01 Oct

When I first moved to New York, I was very against living in Queens.  “If I’m moving to New York, I’m going to live in Manhattan,” I said.  I realize this sounds dumb, considering some of the neighborhoods in other boroughs are more New York-y than certain areas in Manhattan.  I also realize this sounds dumb coming from someone who had no money.  But it’s how I felt.  I almost ended up living in Queens, but for the roommate who backed out at the very last second and decided to get a place with someone else.  I ended up paying at least $300 more per month to live in Manhattan, but it was worth it to me.

Don’t get me wrong; I am still a Manhattan snob.

The only reason I’m in Queens now is because I’m protesting.  I’m protesting the ridiculously expensive rental prices in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.  They’re in Queens, too, but because they started off lower, they’re not quite as high as their other borough counterparts.  Almost, but not quite.  So, on principle, I refuse to pay what they’re requesting in Manhattan.

Now, I don’t know if the entire Manhattan apartment rental industry knows about my protest.  I’m not sure if they’re paying attention to the principles upon which I’m acting.  Probably not, since there are thousands of New Yorkers every day who don’t have a moral opposition to paying $1700 for a studio apartment.  But just in case they ever notice I’m living in Queens, I’ll be able to tell them, “I’m here because you’re charging unfair prices for the other boroughs, and Queens is just a little bit less unfair.”

They won’t care, of course.  But I’m sticking to my principles.

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