#277: Do business in the bathroom

04 Oct

In the past, I’ve had jobs where people were stressed all the time, but the jobs themselves weren’t stressful. My managers might have been stressed, but I refused to be stressed back.  It was never life and death, what I did for work.

It still isn’t exactly life or death, but now that I’m doing something that kind of does affect other people, it’s harder not to let myself get stressed about it.  Especially when everyone around me is constantly stressed. I still try to maintain my if-someone’s-life-isn’t-directly-hanging-in-the-balance-I’m-not-going-to-entirely-freak-out approach to work, but there certainly is more pressure on me than I’ve ever experienced before.

And I’ve never been asked to do work in the bathroom before.

My boss was leaving for the day when I was (rare) and as I entered the bathroom stall, she said bye.  Then 2 seconds later she returned and said, “Oh yeah, can you…” and proceeded to explain something she wanted me to do the next day.  While I was peeing.  It was weird.

Aside from the idea that the bathroom is supposed to be the one place you can go at work and not have to think about business in that sense, it’s also not very conducive to being productive.  How was I supposed to write down what she had just asked me to do?  Was I really expected to remember the instruction 2 minutes later when I returned to my desk?

Most days, I’m happy I’m doing something to make money that also helps other people, even though it severely cuts down on the time I have for anything else in my life.  But when I’m peeing, I want to keep that just between me and the bathroom stall.  Clearly, you can’t always get what you want.

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