#278: Book a flight 2 days in advance

05 Oct

I’m not sure if I would call myself a planner in general.  Probably not, only because I think it sounds better to be the spontaneous type–but I think I am a planner.  I like to know what events are coming up, and I like to make sure I’ve told everyone about them so they can put them on their calendars, and I like to think about what I’m going to wear to them even though I’m not really going to decide until 3 minutes after I was supposed to have left the apartment.

And for trips, multiply that times a really large number.  I book flights months in advance if they’re cheap.  I secure hotel rooms the day I read a handful of good reviews.  I put the time off in my work calendar before I’ve even requested the days.

But this time, I didn’t plan.  This time, I was just browsing flights, trying to get used to the fact that I can’t afford to go see my family for Thanksgiving and may not be able to see them for longer than a day for Christmas while going broke to do it.  I was trying out every different scenario possible in an attempt to make those things not a reality when I discovered there was a (relatively) cheap flight for this weekend.  So I booked it.

Shouldn’t you be staying put to re-build your life in New York?  Wouldn’t you rather eat at your very first restaurant in your new borough?  Don’t you have an entire 200 square foot apartment still waiting to be unpacked?

All good questions.  But if you’re not the spontaneous type, you can’t stop and consider the answers or else you won’t book the flight.  You’ll start thinking of practical reasons why you shouldn’t.  You’ll convince yourself you have more important things to do here, which might be true.  You’ll tell yourself you need to save your money, which is definitely true.

And you can’t risk any of that.  Because when something feels right, you just have to do it.  Yes, it has taken me almost 3 decades to accept that concept.  Some days, I still don’t quite believe in it.  But yesterday, I went with it, and I booked the flight.  And I only stopped for a moment to remind myself that I could always cancel it within 24 hours if I changed my mind.

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