#287: Pronto Pizza

14 Oct

I have a hunch the only reason this restaurant was packed on a Saturday night is because all of the customers were eating there before heading over to Blaze, since it’s the only restaurant in the vicinity.  No, it’s more than a hunch; that’s definitely the reason.  So I understand that they’re not used to handling that many patrons at once.

What I don’t understand is how, after we put our name in and are told, “It’ll be a 10 minute wait, but the first open table, you’ll get,” we then wait about 15 minutes and watch a family waltz in and get immediately seated.When asking the host what’s going on, he then acts like he has no idea who we are or what we’re doing there. I like to get into the Halloween spirit as much as the next person, but pretending our previous check-in didn’t happen?  I do not like being treated like a ghost.

The interesting part was when we decided to just get slices from the counter once we realized we were invisible. The guy taking our order asked if we wanted to sit in the restaurant, and we said we had wanted that, but because we were ignored, we’d decided to just get slices to go.

Suddenly, every server and host flocked to us and asked if we wanted to sit down.

There was a table open right now, they said.  Fine, we said, but we’re still just getting these slices we ordered. They led us back to the dining room where there were, in fact, 5 tables open.  We sat down, the waitress asked what we wanted to drink, a server brought our slices, and the waitress said, “Pronto!”

Only it wasn’t pronto, because all of that happened only after we were about to leave.

Though I know I shouldn’t complain.  In many restaurants, no one would have cared if we got angry for being ghost customers.  They would have let us take our slices to go and continued ignoring us.

That’s the difference between a cheap pizza place in NYC and the only cheap pizza place in Croton-on-Hudson.

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