#293: Get a Michaels card

20 Oct

This is just dangerous.

After spending 1.5 hours in Michaels (the average for me), the cashier asked if I had a rewards card.

“No,” I said.  Why don’t I already have this? I wondered.

He asked if I wanted to sign up for one.

“Sure,” I said.  Of course! I thought.

He told me I automatically get 20% off my next purchase.

“Great,” I said.  Oh, that’s why, I realized.

People should not give me more incentive to visit a craft store.  Aside from the simple truth that it’s a waste of time (yesterday, I called my mom while I was there and asked her to save me because I was trapped in the store.  “I don’t think I can help,” she answered.  It runs in the family, this tendency to get trapped in craft stores), it’s also encouragement to spend more money.  And that’s something I really don’t need to be doing. Especially not on supplies for projects I wasn’t planning on starting, or–even worse–ones I don’t intend to finish.

For some reason though, I can’t resist art supplies, despite the fact that I’m not an artist and have barely any wall space at my new place to house new masterpieces.

Anyway, I have the card, and I also live fairly close to the store now.  A recipe for disaster, if your definition of disaster is an empty bank account and a studio apartment full of paint.

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