#294: The Players Theatre

21 Oct

The Players Theatre is a tiny little place in the midst of NYU/West Village madness.  The play I saw was Hollow, a musical adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

That’s right–a musical Headless Horseman.  It was exactly as cheesy as it sounds…maybe even more.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a show, and that includes comedy performances.  It was partially because of the intentionally funny lines and characters–Brahm was hilarious, as was his sidekick (who I don’t recall being a main character in the original story, but I could be wrong)–but it was also because of the unintentional humor brought about by the musical aspect.

For example, when telling Ichabod about the legend, 3 men break out into a song, which entails facing the audience and singing, “Headless, headless, headless!”  I don’t know, does that sound funny?  Trust me, it was.

The part that is usually scary in the story (which actually frightens me a lot because you never know exactly what happened), when the horseman appears to Ichabod, was anticlimactic, but that can be excused because the rest of the show was just so delightfully enjoyable.

I usually claim not to like severely cheesy things, but I’ll tell you a secret: that’s not true.  If it’s done right, cheese can be immensely entertaining.  At The Players Theatre, they got it right–whether or not they meant to.

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