#297: Paint furniture

24 Oct

In college, I came across a boutique with fantastic painted furniture.  I figured I’d never be able to afford even one piece, so ever since then, I’ve wanted to try painting something myself.  How hard could it be, right?


It probably helps if you use quality paint rather than 69 cent bottles.  It also probably helps to use paintbrushes that didn’t come in a value pack.  But those points aside, the most helpful thing you need for painting furniture is patience.  The most harmful thing you can have is a clumsy nature.

So.  Yeah.  It was pretty awful.  Then, to make it even harder on myself, I decided I’d be really clever and mix paints to create the colors I wanted.  Great idea in theory, only it didn’t take into account the possibility of me somehow getting black paint splotches in random spots and needing to paint over them with a color I no longer had and couldn’t remember how I’d made.

Maybe it’s not so much that painting furniture is difficult, but that people who cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler and shattered a glass on the floor earlier the same week shouldn’t be so ambitious as to think something as simple as painting a large piece of wood would be simple.

The good thing is the only person who’s going to be looking at it is me, and I’m willing to pretend I meant it to look exactly how it does.

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