#299: Midnight Circus

26 Oct

Guy walking by line of people: What are you in line for?

Me: A circus.

Guy: Inside there?

Me: Yeah.

Guy: Is it going to be really fun?

Me: I don’t know.

Guy: So you’re waiting on this line just to get inside to see if it’s fun?

Me: Yes.

Isn’t that what everyone is doing, always, in life?  Aren’t we constantly waiting in line just to see if it’s worth it?

Anyway, it was worth it in my opinion because I’d never been to something like it before, and it wasn’t worth it because I’m old and get tired early, and because the subway on the way back wasn’t running “due to a smoke condition.” Anywhere else, it would be, “There’s a fire on the tracks!  This train isn’t going anywhere,” but in New York, it’s, “Due to a smoke condition, we’ll be waiting here 5-10 minutes.”

So I also took the R train running on the F line, which I’ve never done before either.  But the Midnight Circus sounds more exotic.

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Posted by on October 26, 2012 in NYC


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