#300: Be a professional photographer

27 Oct

There are certain things you shouldn’t give me because I don’t know how to handle them: excessive compliments; a carving knife; professional photography equipment.

Yesterday, the girl who usually takes pictures for my company had a meeting during an event, and no one else was around, so I was the last resort.

“Here’s the camera.  Here’s how you turn it on.  Now you try it.”

I forget to put the battery in.

“Here’s a tripod.  Here’s how you set it up.  Now you try it.”

I immediately trip over one of the legs.

In the end, it was fine, because it turns out, when using a fancy camera, even I have trouble messing up the pictures.  But it was still a terrifying experience.  When you’re wielding a professional camera, people assume you’re a professional.  They figure you know something about the expensive equipment you’re operating.  Of course, this facade is shattered as soon as they ask you a question about it and you stare at them blankly.

Will I continue this new profession?  Hopefully not.  Hopefully there are no more meetings during event times. Hopefully, my company has learned its lesson not to place valuable objects in my clumsy hands. Unfortunately, since I didn’t fail, I’m not sure anyone learned anything.

Don’t you hate lessons like that?

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