#304: Win a haiku contest

31 Oct

This is pretty exciting: Someone on Twitter (can’t remember who or else I’d give the proper credit) linked to this computer-themed Frightful Haiku Contest, and, given that I love a challenge–and Halloween–I decided to enter.

Of course I didn’t think I’d actually win…not because I doubt my haiku skills, but simply because I don’t typically win contests and–okay, I doubt my haiku skills.

But guess what.

You’re not really guessing, are you?  I already gave it away in the title of this post.  If you’re guessing just to humor me, I appreciate it, but don’t bother, because I will never know.

I won!  You can see the winning entries here.  And here’s my grand prize-winning scary computer haiku:

Wind whips through the cloud
Malware-wolves lurk in shadows
Full hard drive tonight

Happy Halloween!  With the destruction and devastation from the hurricane surrounding us, it may seem silly to be caring about a silly holiday, but it’s my opinion that celebrating silly things is one of the ways we stay sane when facing hardships in life–or life in general.

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