#315: Eat egg nog ice cream

11 Nov

Sometimes, being weird is not better.

I used to spend a lot of time in the East Village, so it goes without saying that I also spent a lot of time looking for ice cream places in the East Village.  While I appreciate the eclectic nature of the beast, I do not appreciate vegan ice cream.  Call me old fashioned, but I want my ice cream creamy and full of calories.  I also do not appreciate crazy just for the sake of crazy–meaning, “here’s this strange flavor just because we could make it and don’t you think it’s the best simply because it’s different from your average ice cream?”  Call me traditional, but my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

So when I came across Sundaes and Cones a long time ago and all of the reviews touted its wasabi flavor, or its corn flavor, or its sesame flavor, I immediately dismissed it as being too weird for my tastes.  I just wanted regular ice cream that tasted especially delicious.  Was that too hard to find?

Apparently, no.  I just didn’t know that a place that seemed weird was actually slightly normal.  It turns out, Sundaes and Cones does have strange flavors that you would never think to combine with ice cream, but it also has regular flavors, as well as slightly different flavors that you would think to combine with ice cream.

Like egg nog.  It was really sweet, but really tasty.  And so was the thai tea flavor.

But you know what?  The next time I go (and I will go again, now that I’ve found a place that serves real ice cream–I sort of get the frozen yogurt craze, but I do not condone it), I’m trying vanilla.  Or maybe cookies and cream.  Who says I’m not adventurous?

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