#317: Restore a computer

13 Nov

Doesn’t that sound so technologically sophisticated?  I think so.  In fact, I think you should stop reading right now and just imagine me as some sort of technologically proficient mastermind.  What do you think?

If you think that’s too far-fetched to even pretend to think it, keep reading, and you will be rewarded with the whole story.

Which is this: yesterday, my internet wasn’t working.  I had 2 options–either restart the router, or restart my computer.  Being the impatient person I am, I decided restarting the computer would take less time, so I tried that first.  Unfortunately, my impatience was not rewarded (is impatience ever rewarded?  Is there perhaps an alternate universe where it is?  I’d like to go there immediately, possibly permanently).  My computer wouldn’t restart.

So I turned it off again and tried to restart it yet again, at which point I received a message essentially saying:

“Your computer failed to start. You can choose to restore it to a previous time when it was able to start.”

Um, okay.  How is that even a choice?  What other options are there?

So I chose to restore it to a time before it forgot how to start.  And everything seemed fine.  Except the clock said it was an hour earlier than it really was.

But that’s all it took for the past to be wiped clean.  My computer doesn’t even remember not being able to start.  It has no recollection of so completely failing that it gave me no choice but to erase its memory and begin from scratch.

That’s kind of scary, of course, but also, a little bit comforting.  There’s no need for my computer to apologize for letting me down; it doesn’t even know it did anything wrong.  There’s no point in me berating it for its failure. The only thing to do is to correct the error and move forward (well, and change the clock so that I’m not an hour late for everything).

Think about how much simpler life would be if we had a restore option.  Not necessarily better–obviously, giving people the opportunity to just start over every time they mess up is not a practical practice–but definitely simpler.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the rest of the story.  After the computer was restored, I restarted the router and chose to ignore the fact that I could have done that in the first place and skipped the past half hour of tedious restoring.  I’m telling you–I’m a mastermind.

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