#318: Wear preventive rain boots

14 Nov

Even though sometimes forecasts can be completely wrong, I compulsively check and (and weather underground if I find myself needing a 3rd opinion).  Multiple times a day.  Just to make sure.

Of course, it can still end up being warm and sunny on a day predicted to be gray and gloomy, but at least if I’ve studied every forecast, I can rightfully complain about how meteorology is one of the few careers where you can consistently fail and still keep your job (pro sports players are another).

Anyway, the point is, if it’s supposed to rain on a given day, I’ll know.  However, if it’s scheduled to rain in the afternoon, I won’t wear rain boots. For one reason, people look at you like they think you’re weird (not really, but I imagine they do).  For another, they’re not the most comfortable footwear.  For a third, if it ends up not raining, you’ve just worn these uncomfortable boots for absolutely nothing.  So, even if I feel like an idiot later when it’s pouring and my shoes are getting destroyed, I don’t wear preventive rain boots.

Yesterday, though, I didn’t care.  We had just had a hurricane and a nor’easter, and sometimes, scary weather patterns that suggest a general demise of the earth’s stability–or at least its ability to support human life–are even stronger than my desire not to look like an idiot.

Of course it didn’t rain.

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