#340: Try banana jam

06 Dec

Yes, we are getting to the point in the year when I’m running out of new things to do so every other one is food-related.  The good news is that means I get to try a lot of new foods.  The bad news is–wait, there is no bad news…except maybe if my readers get tired of reading about food, but 1.) then they can just stop reading, and 2.) who gets tired of reading about food?

So this banana jam–it was delicious.  I wouldn’t have thought it would be, especially not when I heard it was made of not only bananas but lime and rum as well.  But it was.  I’m not sure what I’d ever use it for, so I didn’t buy it, but the sample was enough to convince me: you never know.

I have a tendency to respond to this phrase when people say it to me with, “But I do know.  Always.”  I am, of course, joking, but I also kind of started believing it over the years.  I thought I knew that everything terrible happens to me; I thought I knew I’ll never be content; I thought I knew everyone else will always be better off than me.  I no longer believe any of it.  Even when life keeps trying to prove these things to me, I don’t go along with it.

Because banana jam is good.

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