#345: Join Plenty of Fish

11 Dec

I always thought this was the ugly stepchild of online dating sites.  But then I realized that according to the rest of her family, Cinderella was also the ugly stepchild, so…why not?

Excellent question, and one that has multiple answers.  I’ll just give you 2 of them.

1.  One of the questions to determine your “chemistry” is: “Most of my ex-partners would take me back.” (Answer choices are: Strongly agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, strongly disagree.)

Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t most people disagree with this?  Wouldn’t most people be a little skeptical if someone strongly agreed with this?  Did you just break up for no reason every time?  Or are you just delusional enough to think your exes would automatically take you back?  I don’t get it.  I mean, I get the implication of the question–do your exes hate your guts or did you handle the breakup amicably enough so that they don’t want to kill you?  But the actual question is just dumb.  And pointless.  And clearly bothering me a little too much.

2.  Within the first hour after I’d signed up, I had already received lots of messages; one of them was from Meathead1000.  This was the well-earned result of putting time into writing a dating profile (which, let’s face it, I’m good at when I put my mind to it, but that doesn’t mean that’s how I enjoy spending my limited free time). This was my reward for filling out frivolous quizzes and uploading unflattering photos of myself, for specifying my requirements, for admitting my flaws.  This, a message from…

Actually, you know what?  Let’s take #2 off the list of reasons why not to join Plenty of Fish.  Because in fact, Meathead1000 already accomplished the most important thing when it comes to dating me: making me laugh.

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