#348: Swim with maximum drag

14 Dec

In other words, I didn’t shave (anywhere) before swimming yesterday.  Which I admit is gross, for both me and everyone who had to see me.  But sometimes you just don’t feel like it, and sometimes you can’t help it that your bathing suit for exercise swimming happens to be the most high cut of all of your bathing suits.  And sometimes you just don’t care that you are sporting hair in an extremely unattractive place because you are too tired to do anything about it in the morning before you leave for work.

I maintain that it gives me a better workout due to all of the drag (everywhere).  At least, that’s what I was planning on telling anyone if they asked.

Of course I shouldn’t have worried.  No one was looking at me.  While I was in the water, I was invisible, as always, with other people practically swimming into me except that at the last second I saw them and moved out of the way.  If they can’t even pay attention to a human being right in front of them, there’s really little chance they would notice a few extra hairs.

Still, it was disgusting.

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