#349: Via Trenta

15 Dec

This entire post is going to be about truffles.

I love truffle oil.  People either hate it or love it, and those who hate it confuse me.  Seriously.  I understand taste is a subjective thing.  Everyone’s taste buds interpret things differently, and everyone’s brains react differently to the different interpretations.  It’s why I can say I hate coconut and you can say it’s not so bad.  It’s why you can claim pickles are great and I can say they are disgusting.  The concept makes sense.  We’re different.  We like different things.

But when it comes to truffle oil, I do not understand how some people don’t like it.  There’s nothing subjective about it; it’s simply good.  It’s like saying a rainbow is a horrible phenomenon.  It goes against nature. When you taste something made with truffle oil, like the truffle pizza I had last night at Via Trenta, you immediately feel a sensation of comfort.  It melts in your mouth and your mouth tells your brain, “Hey, this is good.  You should do everything in your power to make sure this continues, and if it stops, you need to do everything possible to make sure it starts again.”  I’m fairly certain everyone’s mouths tell their brains a variation of this same thing.

So then how do some people’s brains not get the message?  How can they taste the truffle oil, hear their mouths begging for more, and decide to interpret that as, “Yeah, I don’t think we need to do this repeatedly”? How can they ignore what is so obvious, right in front of them, and choose not to work toward more of it?  How can human beings as a species disagree on something so unambiguous?  How can they say to each other, “You know what?  I think we shouldn’t try to savor truffle oil ever again,” and, “Well I really think we should, so let’s start looking for more truffle oil”?

How can there be a difference of opinion when it comes to truffle oil?  My tiny brain–of which, it should be noted, I’m not even using all of its capacity–cannot comprehend the issue.  Things are rarely black and white, and even when they are, you’re always going to have some people on black’s side and some on white’s.  That’s life. That’s humanity.  Totally fine with it (you know, not fine because I like when people agree with me, or even if they don’t, if they at least respect my opinion and understand why I have it, but–accepting of it).

Not when it comes to truffle oil.  There just isn’t time for us to keep having this discussion.  It doesn’t seem possible for the world to keep surviving when we can’t agree on something so simple.

Do I have the solution?  No, of course not.  I don’t know how to convince people of truffle oil’s exquisiteness if they refuse to acknowledge it.  I’m not sure of the first steps to getting others on board the truffle oil train.  I can’t fully articulate where exactly that train is even going, necessarily.  I’m not a conductor and I don’t have very much knowledge about trains.  I’m not in a position to influence many passengers, and I don’t know the first thing about keeping trains on track.

All I know is, it’s a matter of not only national importance but universal importance that the train leaves the station, and I can’t see how this isn’t clear to everyone on the platform.

In addition to me visiting Via Trenta for the first time, another thing that happened yesterday was 20 children were shot and killed in Connecticut.  I have nothing to say about it because sometimes there are just no words.

This entire post was about truffles.

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