#361: Witness a bike accident

27 Dec

A couple of years ago, I saw an ambulance next to a bike on the ground.  There was also a person, but I didn’t want to look closely.  It couldn’t be good.  Luckily, I hadn’t seen the accident so I had only that haunting image of a body on the ground and not someone being thrown from his bike.

Yesterday, I witnessed the first part of that situation.  A delivery guy was riding by and a taxi driver suddenly opened his parked car door, causing the biker to fall off his bike.

The guy was fine–shaken up, sure.  His bike was okay–a little bent, yeah.  But in general, it was a relatively minor situation.

I’m glad I saw the accident for a couple of reasons.  1.) It reminded me of why I shouldn’t bother owning a bike in the city (I don’t know anyone who owns a bike who doesn’t have a story of a similar accident), and 2.) it reminded me of the same thing I remembered that day when I saw the ambulance and mangled bike: things could always be worse.  Yesterday, I was not in a bike accident.  Yesterday, I made it through the day alive.

It’s cheesy, but it’s a blessing.  And we’d probably all do well to remember that, even on days when we don’t have such obvious proof right in front of us.

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