#364: Get Netflix

30 Dec

In no way should it shock you that I didn’t have Netflix yet.  I just got an iPhone 2 months ago.  I just got a Kindle 5 days ago.  I’m not exactly one for jumping on the latest technology.

And also–I’m cheap.  Technically, I’m thrifty, but obviously that’s just a nicer way of saying I’m cheap.

I simply wasn’t sure I wanted to make the sort of commitment Netflix requires you to make.  Sure, there’s a free trial for a month, but we all know I would never remember to cancel the subscription in time even if I wanted to. So, for all intents and purposes, signing up for the trial meant signing up for the commitment.

I’m not afraid of commitment.  In fact, I embrace it when I can clearly see the benefits.  Committing to a job that sucks away all of my free time?  I can do that, because I am getting paid and I’m indirectly helping people. Committing to an apartment that has lately been hosting additional guests in the form of bugs that must be cockroaches but are way smaller than the ones I’m used to?  I can do that, because it’s cheap and I didn’t know about the bugs at first.  Committing to a man?  I can do that, because no one has asked me to (but seriously, I can do that.  Tell your friends).

Netflix, though?  I’ve just been a little skeptical of the benefits.  Oh, so I get to pay a monthly fee to waste my limited free time watching tv shows and movies everyone has seen years ago so they’re no longer even discussing them?  Hmm.  Doesn’t exactly scream, Here’s a benefit!

And yet, I now have a subscription, so I’m committed.  Which means I’m going to do everything in my power to make this relationship work–if that means I need to spend hours each day watching things I never even knew I was missing…well, that just shows how deep my commitment is when I decide to commit to something.

Really–tell your friends.

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