#368: The Immigrant

05 Jan

It’s easy to get exhausted in New York.  It’s not hard to find yourself tired of the “only in New York”  claims and decide it’s all just a little too much.  After all, you can go to good restaurants and bars in a lot of neighborhoods. You can see shows in many cities.  You can meet eclectic strangers in any place in the world.

It’s no secret I don’t plan to live in New York City forever, but I tend not to elaborate on that point when first meeting someone because many New Yorkers are of the “I’d never live anywhere else” mindset.

So when I heard the person across from me express a similar sentiment to my own, at first I thought, This is refreshing–someone who admits life can happen outside of NYC.

But then I thought, Is there any other city that would have a bar so tiny?  That would randomly have lots of space open during happy hour on a Friday when other bars in the East Village are packed?  That would allow 2 people who know nothing about wine except that they like Riesling to share a bottle at the lone table in the front?  That would lend itself to people-watching of the “girl from group of freezing smoking people throws cigarette butt out but it lands in a discarded Christmas tree so she runs over to retrieve it before a fire starts” variety?  That has a name that so perfectly reflects the melting-pot nature of the conversation you’re having?

Maybe.  But if there is, I’m perfectly content not knowing about it.

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Posted by on January 5, 2013 in Food/Drink, NYC


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