#375: Buy over the counter medication

15 Jan

I’m not talking about prescriptions, of course.  I mean the “extra strength” medicine that is no longer on the shelves with the “normal strength” and the “more strength but not quite extra” medication.

I’ve needed this type of medicine before but haven’t ever gotten it since when I need something with that much strength I don’t enough strength to go out and buy it.

But yesterday, it was preemptive.  Since I’ve had a cold for 4 weeks now, I figured eventually it will probably turn into something a lot worse, something requiring extra strength.

It made me feel like I was doing something nearly illegal.  They typed in every identifying piece of information from my driver’s license before letting me have it, so now I am clearly in Rite Aid’s system as someone who has once purchased extra strength medicine.  Now they know the regular strength stuff just doesn’t do it for me. Now they know the picture on my license looks terrible.  Now they know I’m desperate enough to endure the pain and frustration that often comes with the pharmacy.

They know it, and their entire system knows it.  They have more information about me than my own parents do.

If you are reading this, system that holds all of my medication-purchasing history, that’s not a complaint.  It’s just something I’m noting.

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