#378: Eat boozy cupcakes

20 Jan

“I’ve been wanting to try these forever!” I said, entering Prohibition Bakery.

“How long have you been open?” my friend asked the woman behind the counter.

“Four and a half months.”

It’s possible I have a tendency to exaggerate.  But when I say these cupcakes made with alcohol were delicious, I’m not exaggerating.  They’re mini-cupcakes, which as a concept I’m generally not impressed with. (“They’re the perfect size!” people say.  “They’re the perfect size to eat 5 of them and still want more,” I say.) But even in miniature bites, they had a lot of flavor, and they tasted like what they were supposed to taste like. Alcohol.  I tried one with pear brandy, one with beer, and one with port.

The problem with gimmicky cupcake places though is that they’re not the kind of place you’re going to want to keep returning to.  Maybe if you have friends in town, or if you need an interesting treat for a birthday party or something.  But I’m not going to choose to spend $2 for a tiny bite of a gimmicky cupcake when I can spend less for a regular-sized cupcake that is my favorite just down the street.

Even the open and closed signs are gimmicky (“Sure” and “Nope”).  Gimmicks for gimmicks’ sake are not my thing.  Unless it’s a chocolate fountain gimmick; then that’s okay.***

***I’ve never actually had a chocolate fountain experience, but there’s no way it’s not amazing.

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