#379: Cafe Triskell

21 Jan

If this place were in Manhattan or Brooklyn, it would be packed.  There are only 5 or 6 tables.  It serves pretty delectable food, including pretty affordable crepes.  It’s cute and unpretentious while being a little bit cool.  It has everything a popular NYC restaurant should have, including a cash-only rule so dear it’s printed on the workers’ shirts–except the right zip code.

Which is fine with me.  While moving to Astoria has actually made me more open to hanging out in other inconvenient areas (I have no “stick to the east side” guideline in Manhattan anymore, and little to no reluctance when someone suggests Brooklyn), it’s definitely nice when I don’t have to take a train and can enjoy the same type of restaurant people rave about after a 2 hour wait in the other boroughs.

The only downsides were that they don’t seat you until your whole party is there, so if you happen to be 5 minutes late even though you’re the only one who actually lives in Astoria because your entire walk there was a giant wind tunnel (and okay, maybe you left a few minutes late because you didn’t get home until 4am that morning and couldn’t peel yourself out of bed in time to leave before 11:15 since you’re not 22 and your body loves to remind you of that daily) then your friends will be visibly annoyed when you arrive, and that the ceiling fan is located in such a position so that if you’re sitting in a certain seat, the sunlight from the skylight passing through the blades will cause a strobe light effect that is unnerving (unless you are 22 in which case you might just feel right at home).

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