#383: Watch Dogma

26 Jan

Insert preferred form of, “What?!  You’ve never seen Dogma before?!!!” here.

I didn’t love the movie and probably wouldn’t watch it again, but it was interesting–for 2 reasons.

  1. So many famous people were in it, and they were all practically babies!  (The movie came out in 1999.)
  2. I had always thought this movie was supposed to be a satire about religion, so I always just assumed it was making fun of religion and implying it was stupid.  But that wasn’t the message I got at all while watching it.  There were plenty of jokes about the silly things people believe while conforming to a religion, and there were plenty of things that would probably offend someone deeply religious, or my mom.  But at the heart of it–at least how it came across to me–were some serious questions about why it’s dangerous to hold strict beliefs, how blindly we accept some crazy notions and refuse to accept others, and why it’s so easy to lose faith as we get older.  And also (though this could be my own religious bias creeping in), how it doesn’t really matter which religion you subscribe to; the point is just that you believe in something.

Again, take my interpretation with a grain of salt because I happen to be a Catholic who thinks all religions are pretty much based on the same thing regardless of their specific stories or rituals, and who definitely believes in God but for whom all of the other details are a bit hazy.

Also, factor in the point that I watched it during a drinking game, so I probably missed some important lines thanks to laughing due to everyone repeatedly bringing up the fact that our Polish friend asked his girlfriend at the very beginning when the word was displayed across the screen, “What is platypus?”

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