#385: State Mottos Project

31 Jan

I’m not sure what this says more (or less) about–the art exhibit, the hotel exhibiting the art, or the employees working at the hotel exhibiting the art.  But when I arrived at the Ace Hotel and asked the man at the front desk where the 50 states exhibit was, he looked at me blankly.  When I repeated myself 4 times, qualifying my comments with, “I don’t know if that’s what it’s called,” he looked at me even blanklier.  (Sometimes made-up words are the ones you need most.)

Finally our communication difficulties straightened themselves out and once the man realized by “50 states exhibit” I was talking about the only art exhibit in the hotel, or if not, at least the only one that was displaying a motto for each of the 50 states, each created by a different designer, he told me how to find the art.

I mean, once I actually saw the State Mottos Project, I understood it was pretty easy to overlook, considering the Ace Hotel is like a giant, loud, trying-to-be-hip-to-tourists-or-maybe-it-actually-is-hip-and-I’m-just-so-far-removed-from-the-concept-that-I-don’t-even-recognize-it playground.  But still.  I tried to explain what I had come to the hotel for to the guy running the hotel store that I stood in for 20 minutes waiting for my viewing companion, and he just asked, “Are you from New York?” which is clearly code for, “You must not be from New York if you came here specifically for a tiny art exhibit that no one cares about.”

But it was interesting.  And it was quick to view, which is always appreciated by someone with a severe lack of patience.

So I’d say you should go, but it’s closing tomorrow, and you may not find it in time if you ask the hotel staff for directions.

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