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#404: Smile randomly

I’m one of those people strangers always feel compelled to shout, “Smile!” at.  I’m the person others think is mad when it’s just my normal expression.  I don’t smile for no reason, and I was completely fine with that.  But now that I’ve done it, I kind of want to tell everyone to do it.  So, here are 17 easy steps to smiling randomly. You’re welcome in advance.

1.  Get dumped–but not technically dumped because this would require some form of communication between the two parties.  Just get someone you dated for a bit to suddenly stop responding to texts so that if you were slightly more naive you might worry he had been in a serious accident or was possibly dead, though you’d have no way to ever find out for sure.

2.  Be understandably annoyed for a few days.

3.  Go for a run. Read the rest of this entry »

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#403: First date at Friday’s

Yes, that is TGI Friday’s.  And yes, I live in New York City.  And no, I’m not complaining about ending up at an overpriced chain restaurant on a first date.

You know why?  Because we only ended up there because it was cold and raining and we were both ill-prepared without umbrellas, and we were done at the bar but needed to eat and there wasn’t anywhere else in the barren Midtown after-8 vicinity that promised food and warmth.

And also because I was on a first date merely days after being completely blown off without a text, phone call, email, or in-person notification after dating someone for a month–which is apparently something adult men do, which I’m both surprised to learn and shocked I hadn’t already known. Read the rest of this entry »

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#402: The Giant Mechanical Man

I shouldn’t have liked this movie.  It seems like it was created specifically to cater to women’s silly, romantic sensibilities just as much as typical romantic comedies do–maybe even more so because it presented itself as a quirky, “different” kind of movie and so it wasn’t immediately obvious (or maybe I just assumed that because it’s from the Tribeca Film Festival, which I’ve never actually attended).

The main idea of the plot for the main character is (SPOILER ALERT! Read the rest of this entry »

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#401: Watch Shallow Hal

Just catching up on some of the films people were talking about…12 years ago.

I liked this movie.  True, it didn’t really make sense–like, why did Hal only see the inner beauty on the outside of some people? Read the rest of this entry »

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#400: Try banana hot chocolate

In theory, it sounds good.  It sounds like it should be delicious.  And at first taste, it is, a little.

But it’s also weirder than you thought it would be.  There’s something not-quite-right about the taste, but you can’t say exactly what it is.  Bananas and chocolate–these things generally go together.  The Bluths made a whole business out of the combination.  So this should work.  It shouldn’t have this strange layer to the flavor that makes you want to wince.  It should be easy to drink.  It should go down smoothly.

You know this.  Rationally, you understand it should taste good, so instead of chalking it up to a bad cocoa experience and leaving your cup unfinished, you keep drinking it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#399: Silver Linings Playbook

I liked it.  It wasn’t the best movie ever (probably not the best movie this year either, but considering the only other Oscar contender I’ve seen is Les Mis, I can’t really comment on that), and it was extremely unrealistic, but it did illustrate what I always claim about life and love: everyone is crazy, and we’re all just looking for the crazy person whose crazy fits with ours.  The movie just displayed it by making the main characters clinically mentally unstable.

Read the rest of this entry »

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#398: The Headless Horseman

There are certain stories and legends I am fascinated by for a particular–or no particular–reason.  The story of Ichabod Crane is one of those stories I will indulge in experiencing in any form (see: the Headless Horseman musical).

So of course when I found out there was a bar named after the unfortunate chap’s tale, I had to visit. Read the rest of this entry »

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