#386: New York City Ballet

02 Feb

It seems weird that I haven’t been to this in my 6 years in NYC, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t.  Not that I’m some sort of dance fanatic or anything (I only took dance lessons for 5 years as a child before getting bored with it…though with my patience capacity, that’s actually impressive).  But I appreciate the work that goes into it and am always astonished to see people–real human beings–manipulating their bodies this way.

From the high-up viewing point of the terrible seats I had bought, you could almost forget these were people and just gaze at the long, lean shapes swishing back and forth as if it were some sort of strange art installation. Which is especially appropriate for this particular performance since it was part of the NYC Ballet Art Series, a collaboration between the ballet and Faile, a group that does street art.  So it was easy to imagine these dancers as brushstrokes and paint, gliding and splattering across the stage, smoothly and not so smoothly combining to create a masterpiece.  That piece itself was weird–one of the dances drove me crazy as it was set to a soundtrack of loudly, annoyingly creaking doors–but it was unquestioningly interesting.

Plus, each audience member got to keep a souvenir piece of art, one of the blocks from a giant display. Awesome.

Another new thing that happened yesterday was I saw a cab engulfed in flames from my office.  It looked exactly how it looks in the movies, and in fact I would have thought I was only watching a movie if not for the realistic stench of smoke rushing into the building from the street below.  For a long time, it was just a car on fire, all alone, waiting for someone to put it out (which the fire department eventually took care of once they got through the traffic buildup).  I haven’t been able to find out whether the driver–and possibly passengers–escaped in time (apparently in NYC this is not big news), so in my mind I have decided that they did.

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