#388: Eat a macaroon

08 Feb

All my life, I thought macaroons were made with coconut.  Because I’d only ever heard “macaroon” in conjunction with “coconut,” I just assumed they always went together, and therefore avoided them.

If you would have asked me last week, “Would you like a macaroon?” I would have said, “No, thank you.”  (I would have been thinking, No way, and don’t you dare bring those things near me!)

I figured macaroons were disgusting and that I wanted nothing to do with them, ever.  How could something that so clearly went against everything I thought about food–that it is delicious, that it can bring pleasure, that it is never too filling to allow room for dessert–ever be something I could tolerate?

But then someone brought macaroons to a meeting at work, and when I saw them, I realized they didn’t have coconut in them.  “I thought macaroons were always made with coconut,” I said.  (What?!  You mean all my life I’ve been avoiding a snack food for no reason?!! I thought.)

It wasn’t the best snack food ever, but it was still better than no snack food.  The chocolate-flavored one was a decent substitute for real chocolate, assuming you don’t know what real chocolate tastes and feels like.

So, apparently judgments based on speculation without checking to get the facts: bad.  If you already knew macaroons didn’t require coconut, feel free to apply this lesson in other ways to your own life; obviously there’s a metaphor in there about how you shouldn’t judge people without knowing them (or, okay, maybe you shouldn’t judge them at all, but that’s another metaphor for another day).

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