#391: La Cerveceria

11 Feb

If you get annoyed when someone can’t simply choose an item from the menu and order like a regular person, you probably shouldn’t go to a restaurant with me.  Though frankly, I don’t understand why more people don’t utilize their servers to ask for recommendations.  (Maybe because half the time they say everything is good instead of being honest and admitting some of the meals aren’t so hot?)

When I asked the waitress at La Cerveceria which of 2 brunch dishes was better, she wouldn’t answer directly, but she did explain what one of the dishes looked like and mention that the other one was “healthy” and “exotic.”

I didn’t pick it for its healthfulness, so the fact that my egg white quinoa frittata wasn’t exotic–unless you count the raisins inside it, but I don’t–was a little disappointing.  It was decent.  Of course, decent isn’t acceptable when you live in a city with so many brunch options, but earlier that day I assumed I wouldn’t be going to brunch because of a work event that turned out to take less time than I’d thought, so I was just happy to be there instead of still in Westchester at 3pm.

Plus, the fact that I was hungry again by the time I got home told me that it was indeed healthy, so at least the waitress got one of the descriptors right.

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