#397: Back a Kickstarter project

20 Feb

What have you been waiting for? you may be asking.  Kickstarter has been around for years, and you’re only just now backing something?  You’re either the laziest person ever or the most miserly, or the most living-under-a-rock person.

Well, for those of you asking, I will tell you exactly what I’ve been waiting for: this.

I mean, not really.  I didn’t know I was going to come across it last night, and I had no way of predicting it would almost reach $1 million in funds at the time of this writing (by the time of this reading it may have already surpassed it).  I couldn’t have told you which project was going to be the one to finally kick my butt into gear and make me reach for my wallet.

But I knew it would be special.  And I was right.

Worth waiting till October for mine to arrive?  Definitely.  Worth being lazy and miserly and under a rock for all those years prior just so I can write about this particular Kickstarter project as a new thing for the day?  Totally. Worth burning my hand on, which is almost guaranteed with my klutz-factor?  Well…yeah, I’m pretty sure it will be.

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