#399: Silver Linings Playbook

23 Feb

I liked it.  It wasn’t the best movie ever (probably not the best movie this year either, but considering the only other Oscar contender I’ve seen is Les Mis, I can’t really comment on that), and it was extremely unrealistic, but it did illustrate what I always claim about life and love: everyone is crazy, and we’re all just looking for the crazy person whose crazy fits with ours.  The movie just displayed it by making the main characters clinically mentally unstable.

Which was a little too literal of an interpretation for me, because I feel like some people may have missed it. Granted, that could be because this message may not have been intended at all, but I think it’s an important one.  I think some people believe that compared to those with diagnosed mental illnesses, they’re perfectly sane.  But they’re not.  And the sooner we can all admit we’re insane in our own way, the better.  We’ll no longer be ashamed of the slightly nuts things we sometimes do; we’ll just accept them.  We’ll no longer expect others to fit into this “normal” category we’ve carved out in our minds; we’ll appreciate their weirdness.  We’ll no longer be disappointed when life doesn’t go according to this prescribed boring plan that people have fooled themselves into thinking they want; we’ll go crazy.  And embrace it.  And be happier.  And have more fun.  And probably more easily find that person whose crazy complements ours.

This is only a theory, of course–but one day it may become an accepted way of life.

Until then, I’ll just be over here, going crazy.

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