#401: Watch Shallow Hal

25 Feb

Just catching up on some of the films people were talking about…12 years ago.

I liked this movie.  True, it didn’t really make sense–like, why did Hal only see the inner beauty on the outside of some people?  At first I thought it was only women, which would explain why his friend and his girlfriend’s dad didn’t change.  But then later some other guys were changed, so that couldn’t be it.  And also, his next door neighbor, who wasn’t supposed to be a particularly great person, didn’t change either.  I get that to make the plot work, people Hal already knew had to stay the same or else he would have realized what was going on sooner, but still, this means the neighbor was both hot AND a really good person, so she should have been the one Hal wanted to be with.

Anyway.  I’m sure there’s no point in questioning the plot of a Farrelly brothers movie from 2001, but if I only wrote about things that had a point, this blog would have a lot fewer entries.

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